15 Performance Marketing Terms You Should Know About

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We cannot geek out enough about Performance Marketing, could we? We already talked about its Pros and Cons in our previous blog. With the digital marketing industry expanding by the year, performance marketing has enormous potential to scale your business when used to its full potential. 


Now, if you are planning to get into the deep dives of Performance Marketing, here are 15 general Performance Marketing Terms you should know about.



  • Average Revenue Per User



Average Revenue Per User also known as ARPU is determined by dividing the total revenue for a given period by the total number of active users.



  • Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate marketing is the process of generating income by promoting the goods of other people (or businesses).



  • Analytics



Analytics is the data or metrics used to assess how well a website or marketing campaign is performing.



  • A/B Testing



A/B testing compares two or more iterations of a website or landing page to determine which one converts better.



  • Conversion



The successful and complete purchase of a user is referred to as conversion.



  • Conversion Rate



The percentage of site visitors who become customers is known as the conversion rate. It is determined by dividing the total number of visitors by the total number of sales.



  • Cost Per Click



The price an advertiser pays for each time one of their ads is clicked during a PPC campaign is known as the cost per click.



  • Click Through Rate



The percentage of clicks received relative to the total number of impressions is known as the click-through rate.



  • Call To Action



A compelling text or image that encourages a visitor to take action is known as a call to action.



  • Cross-Device Marketing



Cross-device marketing is a tactic that enables advertisers and marketers to connect with customers at various touchpoints and across all devices.



  • Growth Hacking



Growth hacking is a technique for boosting a company’s marketing or sales goals quickly and efficiently.



  • Impression



An impression is also known as an ad view. It is determined by adding the total number of times an online advertisement has been viewed.



  • Reach



Reach is the concise number of unique users that any advertising campaign has successfully reached.



  • Landing Page



A Landing page is a particular page of a website that visitors first see when they arrive there, typically via a paid ad campaign.



  • Unique Proposition Value



The benefit of your offer, how you meet your customers’ needs, and what sets you apart from the competition are all described in your unique value proposition.


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