The Top 5 Most Hilarious Complaints We Have About Branding


The spread of Globalisation has resulted in the entry of several new businesses in the market. The increased inter-connectivity among countries, regions and continents, has resulted in stiff competition between rival companies. Every business is looking for that one key element or ingredient that separates their business from their competitors. The common answer to this uphill task is “Branding” or Marketing thereafter. However, it is not the idea but its execution that can make your business stand out.                


What is Branding?


Branding is the process of instilling a strong, favourable image of a business, its goods or services in the minds of the public by fusing features such a logo, design, mission statement, and a recurring theme throughout all marketing materials.


In spite of all of its benefits, there are several myths and complaints surrounding Branding, including few that left us all in splits. Therefore, we present before you the Top 7 hilarious complaints regarding Branding:


  1. “I do need branding as I am not a Multi-National Company”:There is a popular conception that branding is only for and limited to big businesses, stemming from the belief that it is an expensive process. However, in the era where access to technology has largely been democratised, branding has become even more important especially in the introductory phases of a business. Just like all other industries, there has been an outburst in the number of digital marketing and branding agencies post 1991, assuring quality services at competitive rates. Branding is the one-stop solution to all new players, who want to make their presence felt in the midst of a “Sea Of Brands”.                                                              
  2. “Branding has not improved my sales immensely”:– Branding may not always have an immediate impact on the sales of a business but the intangibles go way beyond a mere increase in sales. They include:-


  1. a)   Improvement in brand recognition.


  1. b)   Increased employee output and loyalty.                                                 
  2. c)   Increased goodwill of business among consumers.                                                                
  3. d)   More attraction from investors and new talent.                      


  1. “I already have a logo, I do not need Branding”:-  Logo-making is only a part of branding, the tip of the iceberg. Branding is everything from your mission statement, to your brand design, to your brand tone and the way your employees talk about your brand.


  1. “Branding is useless for B2B businesses”:– There is a common misconception that branding is only limited to companies that produce consumer products and not for B2B businesses. B2B might be selling to another business but it is naïve to believe that branding is not required here. The root cause for this misconception is that people forget that although they are selling to a business, the final decision to buy or not remains in the hands of a human being. Hence, branding campaigns are equally important for B2B as it can make a buyer laugh, angry, nostalgic or excited just like in B2C.


  1. “I will define brand the way I want, with no regard for my consumers likes and dislikes” :- It is important to take into consideration the likes and dislikes of your target audience when creating a branding campaign. Remember, a brand is only as successful as the people make it. The final decision to associate or not with your brand lies in the hands of the consumers. Hence, one has to find the perfect balance between their own idea of their brand and the preferences of their consumer base.        


 With this I conclude, the Top 5 most hilarious complaints we have heard about branding. I sincerely hope that this blog has cleared some of your complaints regarding branding. Do let us if we have missed out on any in the comments section. 


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