8 ways to spend leftover budgets paid marketing budgets

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Once the client raises the retainer you plan to spend the budget conscientiously. You carefully allocate them for different campaigns and spend them wisely. To your surprise, you find out that there is still leftover money in your paid marketing budget. 


Pizza Party? Not a chance! Here are some ways you can spend that extra money effectively.



  • Try some new experiments on Google Ads



Time to invoke your inner Einstein on Google Ads. If you still have some advertising money left over, consider starting a Google Performance Max campaign. If you only run ads on the Search or Display Network, this is a great way to expand.



  • Run an OFFER on FB Ads



There are numerous ad placements to experiment with in Facebook Ads. Running Facebook Offer Ads is an intriguing option for advertising on Facebook Ads.


You can run an offer with a shelf life that you specify using Facebook Offer Ads. As a result, you will essentially be able to control how many offers you make to the general public during a particular promotion. You can also specify a time limit for the offer so that it can end at any point in the future.



  • Use Instagram Ads alongside FB ads



Try running Instagram ads using the Facebook Ads platform if you already run ads on Facebook. You can also run ads on Instagram separately using the app’s ‘Promote’ feature.



  • Run an Ad Campaign on Pinterest



Pinterest is a sizable platform with a significant female demographic that is frequently ignored. If you still have any marketing funds available, you should think about launching a Pinterest campaign.



  • You can try advertising on LinkedIn



LinkedIn has an incredibly user-friendly self-serve advertising interface if your product or service might be appealing to business professionals. Even better, you can send “InMail” messages from LinkedIn straight to the inboxes of your prospective clients.



  • Run a campaign on Bing 



Microsoft Advertising and Bing are frequently passed over in favour of “big brother” Google and Google Ads. Yes, the search engine isn’t used as commonly as Google. 

However, according to Microsoft Advertising, their platform offers CPCs that are up to 30% less expensive than Google’s. 



  • GIVE Twitter Advertising the final chance



If you have previously run advertisements on Facebook/ Instagram, consider doing so on Twitter. The audience is sharp, active and highly engaging, and if you get the desired response, it might inspire more effective campaigns in the future.


Final Thoughts


We get it, no leftover ad budgets meet everything we mentioned in the list above. Although, trying out these ideas might put you in a better position when you present the next performance report in front of your boss or clients.


So why wait? Contact The Social Lions and spend your marketing budget at the right place with our expert media plans. 

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