5 Things about Social Media your Managers needs to know


“No Sir, We need you to feature with us in this trending Reel! It shows that we are a fun and vibrant company.”


Your managers might have difficulty changing with modern times since they probably didn’t grow up with Social Media. They need you to look into all of this new gimmick since it is not that new to you. They might not be interested in appearing on Instagram Reels or stories but they would really appreciate it if you could make some good use of Social Media to put the company in a good light. 


With that being said, let us take a dive into the 7 Things about Social Media your Boss wants to know. 



  • What Social Media Platforms are most important among our Target Audience?



Why would your manager even consent to have the company’s Social Media account unless it is connecting with the audience? There are a plethora of Social Media platforms but it is redundant to be present on all of them. You must only be present on those platforms where your target audience is.



  • What kind of content performs best on each platform?



You simply cannot make one post and expect it to perform the same way on every platform. Every platform has a different set of audiences. More importantly, they all have different features and UI. You cannot expect a quirky Instagram Reel to perform that well on LinkedIn. They are both different platforms with different audiences. The young generation is more active on Instagram. Whereas when it comes to LinkedIn, It is all about keeping it professional.



  • How often should we be posting on Social Media?



The answer to that question is “Consistently”. Consistency doesn’t mean every day. It means actively posting 2-3 times throughout the week and engaging with the audience who reacts to the posts. If you post every day you will bore your audience and that with no doubt won’t put a smile on your boss’ face. So, the rule is to be consistent with posting and engaging at the same time.



  • What should be our goals on Social Media?



What do you wish to achieve through Social Media? Do you wish to create more awareness about the company among the netizens, Do you wish to engage with the audience, and Do you wish to promote e-commerce merchandise and direct users to your website through paid ads? Your goals should be clear before you decide to have a Social Media.



  • How will we measure the performance on our Social Media?



Your manager is definitely going to ask you this question! If you are planning to achieve something on Social Media, he/she would want to see how it works for the company. You would want to present him/her the data consisting of which posts or campaigns worked the best and strategize your way forward accordingly. 


Just one slick PowerPoint presentation won’t be enough, you will need to put your words into action and doing so is not as easy as you think. 


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