10 Surprising Facts About Website Development As a Service


A website serves as a business’ “Permanent Virtual Store” or rather a digital front for people to come and check. A brand’s website adds credibility and ease of doing business to it. In the post-pandemic world everyone wants to establish their presence on the internet, by having a website.                                 

In this blog, we at ‘The Social Lions’ bring you 10 surprising facts and what insights can we gain from them about website development: –

  1. 60% of mobile users contact businesses from Google – This tells us about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the content we upload on our website.                                                                         
  2. The average attention span of a website user has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds – This tells us the necessity of providing information in a concise and precise manner so as to not lose the attention of the customer.       
  3. 7 out of 10 users find companies via their blogs – Value-adding content such as blogs and FAQs can help increase the traffic on your company’s website and thus helping in discoverability. We at The Social Lions, a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, is here to help you with SEO blogs and content.  
  4. Every day 2.9 billion searches are conducted in Google – Another statistic that tells us the importance of Search Engine Optimization and how crucial it is to optimise your content to get visibility amongst the sea of content on the world’s premier search engine.                                     
  5. 26% people add products to their shopping cart only to figure out shipping and delivery costs – Free shipping and delivery costs always attract more customers.                      
  6. 73% of users are influenced heavily by video –  This statistic tells us about the importance of visual graphics in a website which go a big way in catching the customer’s attention.
  7. Company’s contact information is important to 44% of customersProviding your business’s contact details such as email-id, contact number and address increases the trust in the minds of customers and gives the necessary details by virtue of which they can contact you in case of queries or issues.
  8. 86% of website-users prefer having goods and services on website’s homepage A quick tip which will help you decide your website’s ideal layout.
  9. 47% of customers demand a website loading time of less than 2 seconds – A website that loads slowly throws a lot of customers off.
  10.   57% of mobile-users prefer using an attractively designed websites – This stat tells you about the importance of a well-designed and eye-pleasing website.

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