10 Pinterest Accounts To Follow For Digital Marketing Content

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There are many accounts on Pinterest today that inform the audience about various industries and niche content.The field of digital marketing is one of them. Since digital marketing is so prevalent in today’s world, pinners focus on that topic and make pins with advice on it.


The following 10 Pinterest accounts can be a huge help to you if you’re looking to learn digital marketing.





Would you like to master Instagram marketing? Follow Later. One of the best accounts for Instagram marketing hacks and strategies is this one. More than 10 million people visit Later each month. A wide variety of pins are available that discuss ways to use Instagram to increase following, drive more traffic, and increase engagement.





This Pinterest account is managed by Daniela from 007 Marketing.  They have 98k monthly visitors to the account. Through social media platforms, you can find a lot of advice and strategies for expanding your business. Moreover, subjects pertaining to how you can use Pinterest to improve audience visibility To learn how to use Pinterest to grow your business, follow her.





Donna is the creator of the blog “Socially Sorted,” a digital content strategist, a visual storyteller, and the founder of blog. There are 74.3 k monthly visitors to the account. If you’re looking for something to enhance your video marketing, Pinterest marketing, and LinkedIn marketing, this is the account to follow. Additionally, you can find advice on how to use various digital channels, like YouTube content marketing, to expand your business.





If you thoroughly read through the content, Tailwind’s Pinterest account is your marketing manager. You can learn a lot of tips and tricks here to increase your sales. 3.8 million people visit the page each month. There are pins about how to use Pinterest templates, how to engage more people on Facebook, best marketing practices, and more.





For those who create digital content, CoSchedule is ideal. Nearly everything needed to produce effective writing is present in the story. 938 K people per month visit CoSchedule. Learn about the instructions and free templates. In one location, find out how to write compelling headlines, use email marketing, boost blog traffic, and more.




Jeff Sieh is a live video host, international speaker, visual storyteller, social media consultant, and humorist. 936.1 k people visit this Pinterest account each month. The best place to learn how to communicate with customers at Amazon is here. You can learn how to launch Amazon Live, use TikTok to make sales, use visual marketing, develop a social media strategy, and other relevant information.





Yoast is primarily a tool for search engine optimization. Bloggers and marketers benefit greatly from having a Pinterest account. It receives 13 k visitors a month. The use of Google analytics, SEO to increase blog traffic, and other topics that can help you improve your Google ranking are all covered in the pins found here.





Melonie is the CEO of Top Dog and a LinkedIn expert. Melonie’s account is jam-packed with advice on digital marketing. Every month, 2.4 k people visit the account. This is for the person who wants to learn how to revamp digital marketing, make their LinkedIn profile stand out, and use social media to increase sales.





ShortStack is a landing page digital marketing platform. The account offers assistance in learning about digital marketing. There are 6.5 k monthly visitors to ShortStack. If infographics are your thing, you need to check out this account. It includes infographics about blogging, social media contests, Facebook and Pinterest marketing tools, and email marketing.





Social media marketing is the focus of ‘The Social Media Room’. It focuses on all the strategies for promoting business growth using social media platforms. You can find handbooks, LinkedIn, a guide to social media marketing, information on using social media for small businesses, and other relevant materials here. In addition, there are Google+ strategies and guides to help your website rank higher.


If you are new to digital marketing, you must follow these top Pinterest accounts for new updates and new tips & tricks.

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