Top 10 Tips for efficient Social Media Marketing


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operated. The Digital Future has become the reality of today. In a technology-driven and more interconnected world, the importance of social media cannot be brushed under the carpet. You can like social media or dislike it but you cannot ignore it.

Here are the top 10 ways by which one can make a successful social media profile:-

  1.   Using relevant hashtags:- With the use of relevant hashtags one can boost his content and make it reach a larger audience set by featuring on the feeds of those who share similar audiences.
  2.   Better understanding of your target audience:- One must regularly study his social media insights inside one’s professional dashboard to understand the demographics and location of his target audience. While making content all these factors must be kept in mind and only content relatable to the target audience should be posted.            


  1.   Tagging relevant people:- While uploading content on any social media platform, tagging people relevant to your piece gives it more reach by featuring on the tagged posts section of their profile. This can get a person additional engagement especially if he has tagged a famous celebrity or influencer. If one gets lucky the tagged account might even notice your content and might engage the content himself.             


  1.   Focus on visuals:- As per a Forbes report, 91% people prefer visual content over a conventional text-based write up. Hiring the services of professional video-editors and graphic designers can increase your social media score multifold.                             


  1.   Posting at the right time:– A simple reading of one’s social media insights tells one about the time when his audience is most active. One must always try to post around this time so as to enable him to get maximum engagement on his content.                                  
  2.   Be consistent:-  Erratic posting doesn’t help and your reach eventually dies off. The best influencers on social media have had low reach at the beginning of their journey. However, their consistency and perseverance is what separated them from the rest. Don’t give up and stay consistent.                                                                                                                  
  3.   Interact with your audience:– Organizing quizzes,  Q and A sessions, live videos and social media stories are perhaps the best ways to interact with your audience. An interactive and friendly audience will themselves be willing to share your content, thereby increasing your reach and giving you positive PR.         


  1.   Catch on to trending topics:– Be it a trending audio, a meme or an issue that is breaking the internet, trying to connect it to your purpose of being on a social media and producing content regarding the same, can give you an almost instantaneous reach. However, time is of the essence here and hence one must upload content on trending issues as soon as possible.                                                                                                                   
  2. Select your social media platforms wisely:– Choose your social media platforms wisely. Rather than being on all social media platforms, staying on a few platforms keeping in mind your target audience and type of content is always better. It saves you time, energy and allows you to concentrate on your selected social media platforms, automatically improving your content quality.             


  1. Set up a social media calendar:- A social media calendar is the most integral part of your social media strategy. Having things in order is always a blessing. With multiple topics to be covered and several posts to be made, a social media calendar will make sure you never forget to post anything. This in turn helps increase your consistency.                                                                                      


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