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Meet the team of creative people who do what they love & love that they make
Incepted in 2017, both our founders have been persistent on making the work speak and boost the businesses of our clients through the agency’s services. Incredibly Smart. Bootstrapped with ideas, and a Straightforward Vision here are our directors/ founders.
Archit Chawla
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Siddhant Mohite

ur team is composed of excellent talents with opulent experience in digital marketing. These are the people who will creatively formulate strategy, design, develop, write, manage, and execute your marketing plan. We bring global insights and best practices to each of our clients and work closely to make our team a part of you.
Meet Our Creative Folks!

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Insiyah Burmawala
Performance Marketing
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Dwarkesh Patil
Website Maven
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Sampada Rahatwal
Content/ Social Media
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Ravishankar Mani
Graphic Designer
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Anish Kamat
Copy/Content Writer Exec.
Sabegh Dhami
Videographer/Video Editor

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