Case Study

About the Client

Artium Academy is an online music education platform that makes learning fun and accessible to people of all ages. Their curriculum is performance-based and is designed by industry maestros like Ananth Vaidyanathan, Shubha Mugdal and Sonu Nigam, taught 1:1 by an Artium certified teacher trained by the masters, delivered over their proprietary technology i.e. their personal platform.

Their Challenges

-New brand to the market

-Low awareness on digital platforms

-Free trial bookings and conversions for singing classes

– SEO Audit and website consumer journey

Our Solutions

-Paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram to drive people to take demo sessions with search, video and display ads.

-Created a marketing strategy for their social media, including trending concepts and informative pieces.

-Strategy to raise brand awareness while growing their audience base and building value for them.

-Making videos about their sessions, teachers, patrons and singing courses. 

– Developing and strategizing content for their social media platforms to keep them updated and users engaged. 

– Helping them with competitor analysis for website traffic, SEO audit, keyword mining and better social media practices. 

– Helped them extensively with the consumer insights, drop-off reasons and user experience flow to increase the traffic on the website. 


-Instagram had a significant increase in their followers in the past couple of months.

-More followers lead to an increase in their engagement and impressions.

-The paid marketing campaigns have resulted in more awareness, more demo bookings and more conversions and it’s still growing.

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