Case Study
Dr. Marwah

About the Client

Dr. Marwah’s Skin, Hair, and Cosmetic Centre is one of the most experienced and leading aesthetics clinics in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have been in this industry for the last 30 years and have been operating from two clinics in Mumbai (Andheri and Oshiwara). They have the latest technology available and have been the trendsetters to get new treatments to India.

Their Challenges

The main challenge for our client was that their clinic has had its reputation through word of mouth over the past decade but as the digital sphere grew, their competitors were growing and establishing themselves as in the digital world.

The main objective has always been to be updated with the latest technology and trends. But their Digital Platforms were not up-to-date with the current times to reach out to their patients for the treatments they provide. Digital marketing, social media, website handling of the clinic was not as contemporary as it was of their competitors and was comparatively basic. An upgrade for the same was the need of the hour because the industry keeps changing continuously, and to be ahead in their field was their aim. Initially, they wanted to build a trustworthy name for themselves in the digital space and then to maintain their reputation, which later grew to getting more patients through digital marketing for the different treatments they offered.

Our Solutions

So now that we had their objective clear as to how we were supposed to grow their digital platform, we started researching their positioning and competitors. We came up with different plans for social media, both paid and organic. Digital marketing as well as Website management were carefully monitored by us. Managing their Google prominence by getting reviews from their patients assisted us with maintaining and updating new communication on Google.

We started with updating their website as and when required, like posting blogs with the right keywords, every month contributed to increasing their page ranks. Later we launched a teleconsultation portal exclusively on their webpage which would help them with online consultations. This vertical also gave us wings to expand our services within the whole country and not just Mumbai.

We would put out aligned communication on all their social media channels, promote their clinic, along with their treatments with the latest designs and trends.

Contests and live sessions were arranged for our audiences on Instagram where Dr.Gurjot Marwah collaborated with other influencers who would share their experiences at the clinic and would also recommend the treatments to their respective followers, which later helped us to make him one of the most renowned and trusted doctors.

We have been handling digital marketing for Dr.Marwah’s Clinic and Dr.Gurjot for more than a year, and have noticed a tremendous increase in the audience on Instagram and Facebook. We have kept abreast of the trends, maintained their Instagram page, and Google reviews.

Google and Facebook played a key role here, as we would run ads in order to get more leads, and to interact with more audiences over the months. These ads were of the different high-end treatments available at their clinic.


Our Digital Community has been aligned with communication and we have maintained aesthetics for their social media handles, especially Instagram. We have built a brand image that speaks ‘trusted and most experienced dermatologists’, as we never endorse any other product to maintain our position.

Dr. Gurjot’s social media has grown by 60% and the clinic’s social media has increased by 90% in the last few months. We have put across many videos, and have launched around 2 different new treatments through our social media profiles.

Our social media accounts are flooded with messages from current and potential patients, and our Facebook and Google ads have got us more than 100 leads per treatment over a period of 4-6 months.

We came up with their telehealth vertical which has grown and has almost all slots booked every day. They have had an increase in their patients from all over Mumbai and since the telehealth portal started, even from outside Mumbai. We have successfully acquired new patients and retained the old ones. Online Consultations have had an increase of 200% in the last 3 months.

Our Google My Business receives 1.1k% more views than other similar businesses and we have been able to rank on the first page on Google for the keyword ‘Dermatologist in Andheri’ after a consistent SEO strategy through keywords and blogs.

Web impressions comparison in Google Search Cosnsoles