Case Study

About the Client

Fittr is the world’s largest online fitness and nutrition community. Fittr started its journey as a small WhatsApp group that used to train a few people and help them get fit. Today, it is one of the most informative and engaging fitness communities with more than 850,000 members. Fittr App serves as a one-stop solution for all health & fitness guidance-related needs. We at The Social Lions got the project of handling Instagram marketing for 5 of their top coaches under FacesOfFittr Initiative.

Their Challenges

– Coaches are experts in fitness but very little knowledge about branding and growing in the marketing sector.
– They’re into fitness but not wholly aware about influencing their community about their forte and using it to their advantage.
– Strong presence on whatsapp and offline platforms but many unexplored features on instagram.

Our Solutions

So now that we had their objective clear as to how we were supposed to grow their digital platform, we started researching their positioning and competitors. We came up with different plans for social media, both paid and organic. Digital marketing as well as Website management were carefully monitored by us. Managing their Google prominence by getting reviews from their patients assisted us with maintaining and updating new communication on Google.

We started with updating their website as and when required, like posting blogs with the right keywords, every month contributed to increasing their page ranks. Later we launched a teleconsultation portal exclusively on their webpage which would help them with online consultations. This vertical also gave us wings to expand our services within the whole country and not just Mumbai.

We would put out aligned communication on all their social media channels, promote their clinic, along with their treatments with the latest designs and trends.

Contests and live sessions were arranged for our audiences on Instagram where Dr.Gurjot Marwah collaborated with other influencers who would share their experiences at the clinic and would also recommend the treatments to their respective followers, which later helped us to make him one of the most renowned and trusted doctors.

We have been handling digital marketing for Dr.Marwah’s Clinic and Dr.Gurjot for more than a year, and have noticed a tremendous increase in the audience on Instagram and Facebook. We have kept abreast of the trends, maintained their Instagram page, and Google reviews.

Google and Facebook played a key role here, as we would run ads in order to get more leads, and to interact with more audiences over the months. These ads were of the different high-end treatments available at their clinic.


-Developing content for them, with latest trending ideas or new relatable concepts.
-Amplifying their work by adding value to their pieces of work.
– Using the appropriate keywords and tools, suiting their tone of voice which would increase the reach.
-Helping them build a brand of themself and growing their community while using traits of an influencer.
– Making carousel informational posts, Instagram reels and IGTV videos, Instagram guides and making them learn all these things for the future.

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