Case Study
Future Sharp Skills

About the Client

Future Sharp Skills Ltd. is the Learning & Knowledge Development Arm of the Future Group. Established in 2008, with a vision to ‘transform lives through innovations in learning’, Future Sharp Skills is one of Corporate India’s leading Skilling, Knowledge, Leadership, Development, Coaching & Intervention Organisation. 

Our aim is to create a ‘Culture of Performance’, by adopting a blended design and delivery approach towards seamless alignment of individual and Organisational needs.

Their Challenges

Future Sharp skills were a part of the future group but in a completely independent vertical. They had little to no social media presence and wanted to increase their awareness and visibility while targeting the intended audience. 

Therefore, primarily they wanted to increase awareness, build their social media audience, build a brand image of the vision and values they wanted to promote. 

Their existing social media was not up to the mark with the current trends. The main challenge was to align the communication and build a trusted brand image.

Our Solutions

So for the above challenge, we came up with a plan to launch their social media pages to first build the existence of the brand, and then run campaigns on the platforms.

We showcased their work by maintaining aesthetics on their profile. Detailed research was conducted on their primary as well as secondary competitors and what was going on trend for the industry. One template was chosen and that was implemented will all the images about their daily programs. 

Ideas regarding videos and posts were executed after feedback. We gave them different days, birthdays as well as new campaigns they could do on their social media. Since then, we have been growing their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter over a period of time. 

We portrayed them as a leading corporate agency and also pushed out communication of their different skilled programs. Apart from that a lot of suggestions were given to improve their content quality.


As a result of the above strategies, we were able to build their existence on social media and started communicating in a single aligned communication on their platforms. Their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter had started growing by the rate of 50% within the first month. Our solutions helped them completely in distinguishing themselves as a whole brand in the umbrella of Future Group. We had a mix of communication with creatives, images, videos, etc, showcasing the people who were with them as employees or students that helped them in getting more audience to their social media handles.

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