Case Study
Kunal Interiors

About the Client

Kunal Interiors and Associates is an interior design firm, situated in Andheri and headed by its founder Mr. Kunal Mistry. They have been into this industry for a while and cater to all residential and commercial interior needs. They have worked with 5Spice, Living Liquidz, Soham Spa and Wellness, The Bar Stock Exchange, Shell Lubricants, etc for their interior designing needs.

Their Challenges

The digital sphere for Kunal Interiors and associates was handled by their in-house team itself. There was less thought process and no proper aligned communication when it came to their digital media as well as marketing. 

The ads that were being run by them on social media as well as on Google, didn’t fetch them any leads. Their ranking on google was also not maintained properly. Even after working in the commercial sector with some popular names in the industry, their brand image was not up to the mark in the digital space and needed a lot of escalation in the same. 

As a team driven by individuality, we are a digital marketing agency and everything you’d expect from a smaller agency: accountable, action-driven, flexible, and personable.

Our Solutions

Subsequently, a lot of research was done to understand the competitors, their positioning, and the type of image we would like to portray to our audience. 

We came up with 3 campaigns that were designed specifically for building the brand image. 

We put across communication that would talk about different and up-to-date living concepts. #ConceptLiving – It showcased their work on the residential front. 

For showcasing the luxurious interiors and latest designs, we had  #SmartInteriorSmartYou. We had not only designed creatives but also gifs and Split photos so that we give the feel of the service and product we were trying to showcase. This campaign was for both residential and commercial audiences. Meanwhile, we had #PartnertoProgress to specifically showcase the commercial sector interiors that we had already designed. We have also engaged with other profiles and have maintained a daily ORM to reach the right audience and increase our visibility. After working on the overall communication to be put in these campaigns, we also worked to put them by maintaining a classy aesthetic for our social media profiles. We targeted Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Blogs and keywords were fed into their website to increase their google rank. We also worked on their Google My Business to maintain a better streak compared to other competitors on a daily basis. 

Ad communication was designed and strategized separately for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search ads. We only ran lead generation ads for them.


After the implementation of the above plan, there was a 10% increase in their social media profile audience at the start of 20 days. Their Digital Community was now picking up with the maintained aesthetic as we were putting out content that was on par with their competitors, and with the help of the same, there was a 100% increase in leads from Facebook and Instagram.


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