Case Study
Lalit Pandit

About the Client

Lalit Pandit is a renowned music director in the film industry and has composed many super hit songs independently as well as with his brother. He has worked for many hit movies like Mohabbatein, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Fanaa, etc. 

He has given fabulous music over the years and has been one of the most top-notch music directors in Bollywood.

Their Challenges

Mr. Pandit existed on social media but was new to it. There was a lack of proper communication and ideas on his social media platform. The challenge was to put interesting communication to reach the target audience as his audience was not following him on social media profiles. 

Now, our challenge was to curate smart content to connect with today’s audience to increase engagement as well as his presence and slowly develop him into an influencer in the long run. They liked how we were having young energetic minds with different perspectives in the social and digital world. Which is what they were looking for.

Our Solutions

For increasing his social media presence, we needed both experiences and had to think outside the box. Detailed research was conducted on their primary as well as secondary competitors while keeping in mind the current trends that were at hand in the industry as well as on social media. 

We came up with many campaigns but the main #LalitPanditDiaries (a video campaign) was one of the most important strategies to meet our goals. 

In this campaign, we communicated all the evergreen songs that were composed by him and how there was a story behind it which no one knew. These stories were followed by the acoustic version of the song which he would himself perform. 

Engaging with other celebrities was as important. Later, he went with his brother after years of separation in Indian Idol, managed by Sony. We got in contact with their digital team, made sure of cross-promotion and got noticed by the younger generation. 


After designing and implementing an aligned communication for Mr. Lalit Pandit, 

We created a classy, matured, and sophisticated image for his Digital Media profiles. Different fan clubs also were made by his fans. An increase of fan mails and messages proved we had reached our target audience and managed to get them engaged with us on the web. 

His communication, celebrity engagement, and quality had drastically improved during these few months. We made sure his profile was up-to-date with the current trends. We collaborated and put videos and images of other celebrities on our social media and got shoutouts from them as well. As a result of which we had an increase of 900% on his social media profiles in 3 months.


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