Case Study
Mumbai Uncensored

About the Client

Mumbai Uncensored is one of the leading photography blogs in Mumbai/India. It was founded by Mr.Siddhant Mohite. This blog showcases the photography talents of people. They believe experiences are best presented ‘Uncensored’. Now, this is an officially registered Advertising Company, Web Portal, News Agency, and an organization for professional membership. 

Their Challenges

So Mumbai Uncensored wanted to promote photographers’ talent to each nook and corner through their Digital Platforms. Additionally, in support, they wanted to execute many social activities through the same blog and therefore, were in a search of the agency that can help them manage their social media platforms as well as all the social activities over the same. Their challenge was the communication strategy and the design that we needed to use for their digital media. Also, they primarily wanted to build a reliable name for their audience in the digital community and then to maintain their reputation. 

Our Solutions

Our agency believes in unboxing ideas. We expertise in ranges of services provided by us such as digital media planning, social media marketing, website development, etc. Our results are proof of our dedication to work. We work with accepting challenges that provide us with the chance to continually assume thoughts out of the box. It emphasizes us to work on difficult projects more efficiently and innovatively in a pleasant, viable manner.

On that account, we did detailed research of competitor’s pages on social media for Mumbai uncensored. We came up with more interacting activities for connecting to the audience. Also, different ideas for highlights, attractive captions for photographs, etc. We came up with different ideas for social activities that will get proper interaction in the audience of the page. We worked with them on the ideas and after careful consideration, from the feedback, we strategized their brand communication. Accordingly, we started making posts according to the theme, color shades for maintaining the feed on Instagram, Facebook, etc, and also gathered information about their activities that we wanted to focus on. 

We also came up with campaigns in these tough times such as #MainbhiRakshak, #StoryInAFrame, logo designing contest, etc. At the same time, we started posting the posts and stories for sponsorships and collaborations on the pages. Activities were executed to stay active with all our targeted audience.


We have been up to date with the latest trends for Mumbai Uncensored by creating a classy, sophisticated image on their social media platforms with a maintained feed on Instagram as well as created a good platform for youth to showcase their talent in the photography field.

 We carefully work with the Selection of photographs on social media and reach the audience. From all these activities, campaigns that were created for their platforms on social media, we have organically grown 78.9k followers on Instagram page. Our masterliness consists of offerings delivered by us such as Social Media Marketing. We modify their creations correctly so that their principal goal is accomplished without any difficulty. Our endeavor and useful methodology are amongst the few quality motives that differentiate us from others. Hence, in any term, we never compromise with our work.  

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