Case Study

About the Client

NYou: ICBI Certified Image consultants was founded by Ms. Sonal Gadhvi and Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari Sawant, and are the two pillars behind the curtain who are working towards transforming the lives of people in the professional as well as the personal sector. They have individual as well as corporate programs. Their USP is they understand the client’s needs and help them get an overall transformation. They work on a 360-degree and a 720-degree approach and have 7 pillars on which they transform the professional as well as personal development. 

Their Challenges

NYou had its social media existence but was dormant and had a really unplanned communication strategy. The main objective was to put out very carefully curated communication with building their brand image digitally and their existence, beliefs, in addition to how they functioned. Whereas their long term goal is to become an influencer 

Their challenge was the communication strategy and the design that we needed to use for their social media. It was to build better communication by keeping in mind everything their company and brand stands for.

Our Solutions

After understanding their objective clearly, we started working with the NYOU team together to develop content they would want to put on their social media. The content we posted was mainly suggestive and indirect, as preferred by them. Detailed research of competitors and understanding their values as well as beliefs, assisted us with coming up with 3 final campaigns revolving around Corporates, Motivation, and how we can help their audience to discover themselves. With that, we also promoted the different programs that the NYOU team offered. 

To build an image that they are strong believers, motivators, and coaches. We spoke about important days and issues that the world is facing. To reach a large audience we also started to put out trending topics. This helped in creating a mature, and classy image for our audience. 

We have been evolving with our communication and have started putting testimonials and videos. Testimonials are important to put so that people can know the reviews and understand the kind of quality work and their experience provides to their clients. 

With putting out communication, we also made sure that the interactions and engagement is visible in the digital sphere by the means of ORM available on all platforms in different ways. 


By means of an appropriate as well as aligned communication, there have been drastic changes in their Digital Platforms. We were able to grow the audience on LinkedIn by 200%, and Facebook by 40%. Their audience has started growing on Instagram as well with the help of engaging creatives and videos. We have also had 2500+ views on a video we posted organically, and receive 1.17k% more views than similar businesses on Google my business. They have a classy and aesthetically maintained Instagram feed as well as a daily communication on in their social media space.


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