Case Study
Rajneeti India

About the Client

In times of changing political narratives and new ways of election analysis and management, A political consultancy Rajneeti India is the choice of visionary leaders who have a citizen-centric agenda.

It is one of the political organization that helps politicians in services such as effective social media management, election management service, etc.

Their Challenges

Rajneeti India started a new venture in the industry and wanted the logo of their company to be unique, distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic but simple in form, which conveys the owner’s intended message. 

An impressive design of stationery items helps in generating word of mouth publicity for a business in the market. Therefore, a small investment towards creating a unique stationery design will go a long way in promoting the services in the market. Many companies use business cards, envelops, and letterheads to create a lasting impression on their customers. 

We dedicated a specialized team with experience, who Carter designs and services in sync with different exclusive needs. We are selective in choosing the theme colors while making designs for politicians with the right passion as well as energy.

Our Solutions

Like a well-designed product or service will always stand out from the competition. Similarly, the design also adds value to the services of the organization. So we did thorough research on various stationery designs of other political organizations along with their other websites, and social media pages. 

In compliance with the research and ideas, we made some logo design options for them and asked them for feedback which was very important for us as it helped us in making the final design of the logo. It’s a quick way to get a sense of what is important to them. What they want us to focus on.

 A responsive organization requires an environment that is as adaptable as the people and the systems that operate within it. We provide them with the designs of stationery that they wanted from us with unique creativity, different ideas, based on a political theme. It took us a  couple of days to plan, design, and develop as well as implement the solution with designs that will engage with their political agenda.


As a result, our company has always shown a positive outcome for client work. We provide a logo that reflects their thought of agendas as a political organization. In addition to that, Stationery Designs for the Rajneeti India were also made as per their requirements. It covers designing for logos, visiting cards, and letterhead for Printing. 

Overall, the efforts that the team put in gave us the outcomes that were successful, appreciated, and in benefit of the client. 

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