Case Study

About the Client

Artisans is a new vertical of Kunal Interiors and associates, headed by their founder Mr. Kunal Mistry who has designed many commercial and residential interiors. They customize furniture designing as well as manufacturing and are situated in Andheri.

Their Challenges

Artisans digital media was non-existent, and the new vertical needed proper communication to reach its intended target audience. Their in-house interior designing team was not trained to launch another vertical. Therefore they wanted a properly managed new profile for the same. 

The main challenge was to put out streamline communication as we launch their new vertical, to grow and reach the targeted audience for the business. 

Primarily, they wanted to launch, maintain, and build a new vertical that would get them more business in the future when it comes to customized furniture designing. 

Our Solutions

Research is one of the main aspects required when you want to launch anything new. It helps you set base and also understand the industry and its competitors. 

We went through both primary and secondary competitors to strategize our own communication strategy that helped us with launching their social media- Facebook, Instagram, as well as made google my business account.

We portrayed their furniture design and also started to put interesting photos of creative luxurious furniture on their social media platforms that people would want to customize for themselves. 

We started maintaining the grid and aesthetics on their Instagram page for a good showcase of our work as well as the possible different designs that we can customize for our audience. 


With the help of daily communication from their social media, aligned communication and daily visibility helped to let us create a classy, sophisticated, luxurious communication on their social media profiles.  

We had an increase in the social media audience by 10% as well as in their google my business visibility in just 20 days.


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