Case Study
Sur Sargam

About the Client

Sur Sargam is a music school in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, and was founded by Mrs. Kalpana Mehta, who authentically believes that where words fail, music verbalizes. So they commenced with this concept of music training for women. This school avails rhythm enthusiasts to bring out the best in them with affordable charges and have established a training school, music instruments, recording studio, etc. The school consists of 50 women trainees in one batch.

Their Challenges

Initially, Sur Sargam subsisted on social media but they were not very active and still incipient to the platforms. They wanted to promote their concept to their target audience efficiently, especially women. For which they were facing an issue of intriguing communication to reach the audience. So they were in search of an agency that can avail them to manage their digital media, videography, and all the social activities over the same. Our challenge was to engender good content and conceptions to reach all the women who crave to learn the music zealously.

Our Solutions

Now, bringing the concept into the focus of the targeted audience. We thought of bringing the Sur Sargam digital media presence into the effulgent light for which we brought up incipient conceptions and strategies to reach the targeted audience. Music creativity expresses a lot so we utilized this concept with keenly intellective content and music to make an ingenious post. We studied women’s schedules thoroughly so that we get an idea of how women can make them free so that they will be able to concentrate as well as practice their passion.

We started reaching them through the campaign, quiz, different ideas, and concept of videography. We started increasing awareness of music school and their concept among the audience on social media, all along with their valuable feedback.


As a strategy, to engender vigilance we unboxed ingenious conceptions for social media posting and videography. Once the conceptions were discussed and finalized especially for women, we started establishing a good image of Sur Sargam.

We commenced posting Music school events and shows videos on social media platforms. Creative ideas resulted as inspiration to many women and saw an increase in women’s engagement in concept. The main focus of the concept of women utilizing their leisure time for their passion was maintained throughout all the activities and digital media posts which resulted in achieving the client prospect and gratification outcome.

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