Case Study

About the Client

Vidrule is a digital marketing organization specializing in digital campaigning, formed with the sole purpose of boosting social media marketing campaigns on a global scale. Therefore, for business operations based out of the United Kingdom, they appoint a team to cover every time zone. 

Their Challenges

Our primary challenge was to manage Bollywood’s top two celebrities as well as developing their social media communication strategies and revamping their website for their production house. Apart from that, we also had to devise a strategy for their upcoming movie’s digital marketing plan. 

Our secondary challenge was handling a corporate skill-building brand, their social media as well as their website was to be worked upon from the start.

Our Solutions

As a solution to the above challenges, we came up with different strategies for both celebrities. We portrayed the male celebrity as a family loving man along with a good skilled photographer and actor. While we wanted the classy, intelligent, and sassy image for the female celebrity, we developed campaigns for them with respect to their previous as well as upcoming work. That helped us gather more audience. 

We had a 24*7 monitoring of their accounts, different content such as birthday wishes, stories, boomerangs, photos were put up on their social media accounts to give insights about their daily life. 

Coming to the corporate skill-building brand, to start with, we created their existence on social media and began with putting up content based on different campaigns that were designed to target their audience all across the country.


As a result, we noticed a drastic increase in the number of audiences on the social media platforms of the celebrities i.e 60% for the male celebrity and 70% for the female celebrity. Apart from that, there was an increase in the number of articles picked up by more than 10 PR Portals and media houses online with the help of the campaigns and content that was put up through their profiles. A total revamp of the website for their production house was done which included devised digital marketing plans for their upcoming movies as well the different campaigns online and offline.  

For corporate skilling brand, we created and grew their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by 80% in the first 2 months itself with the help of the content that was put out using different social media campaigns. In addition to that, we also revamped its website and its content. 

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