Case Study
Fibon- Your Pocket Dermat

About the Client

Fibon is a one-of-a-kind online dermatological consultation technology that supports any and all skin conditions to give you a comprehensive diagnosis in minutes. Fibon is NOT an automated product but is a service that is backed by real doctors viewing your issues in real-time to give you the most comprehensive real-time diagnosis. No queues, no seating, and no waiting. Just take an image of your condition, fill in your details and submit it to get the results as soon as 15 minutes. This product also holds a repository of hundreds of unique and non-unique conditions spanning across the globe to further educate the user on the condition.

Their Challenges

  • The app FIBON-Your Pocket Dermat had to be made from scratch on all 3 platforms- Android, iOS, M-web. 
  • The app did not have any presence digitally and offline in India, Germany and Canada.
  • The concept of skin diagnosis on mobile apps was unknown to people. 
  • Team had to get app downloads and get transactions from audiences built over the months. 
  • Brand videos, animated explainer videos had to be made to build brand awareness and engage audiences. 
  • SEO, ASO and SEM were required to get more and more app downloads and appear in top results.
  • PR services were required since it was a new brand

Our Solutions

  • Developing react-native apps fully functional were built for Android, iOS, Mweb portals were made with integrated payment gateway for easy functioning. 
  • Marketing in terms of social media, digital and ads were started to reach out to audiences and have a face digitally. 
  • We ran paid ads on google adwords,facebook ads manager, apple ads aimed specifically for the app downloads. We also ran display and search ads, YouTube ads for brand awareness.
  • SEO, ASO (App Search Optimisation) plans were made and executed and are still work in progress with best practises. 
  • Multiple explainer videos are made for promoting on youtube, for influencer marketing and brand promotions. 
  • PR Plan has been made and successfully started so that all the leading healthcare, trade, startup/ entrepreneurial, trade publications pick up the story of how Fibon started, aimed at solving quick and affordable skin diagnosis. 


Fibon App now has 16000+ downloads on Google Playstore and IOS Appstore. The users of the app have rated it 4 stars and have submitted their comments on how convenient the product is overall. Fibon also has a substantial audience on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms and have accumulated more than a million views on brand videos. Since the project is a work in progress, we will be sharing a lot more interesting updates here soon.