Case Study

About the Client

BankersFeed is an online publishing portal in the niche of the banking and finance industry. They are one of a kind and talk about Indian as well as the international economy and banking. Industry experts who are from big publications, banks, and other banking and financial institutions have their articles published by them. 

Their Challenges

Bankersfeed was supposed to be launched. They had content from experts but publishing was a challenge. Initially, they wanted to launch a website and their overall digital presence. The main challenge was to launch and increase their awareness of social media and give them a publishing platform. 

As it was important to first be available to the audience and then become an influencer in the long run.

Our Solutions

After researching their competitor’s social media platforms, we came up with a positioning strategy and developed a website for publishing their blogs. Social media profiles were created into the same genre and content was pushed out on them to attract the target audience. Pushing the content on the digital platform intensively helps in increasing the blog views as well. We also maintained their profiles for their social media to build a sophisticated and classy brand image.

We would publish their articles links on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing grid for their Instagram. We are also running a campaign on #PROTIPS for getting more people into this sector engaged with our blogs.


After a streamlined communication was put across all social media profiles, their audience slowly started increasing that led us to a 110% increase in their Facebook audience, a 300% increase in their Instagram followers, and a 45% increase in their LinkedIn audience. These are the results of the first month. An increase in visibility to other audiences and a sophisticated, intellectual as well as a classy image have been created for them. 


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