5 Horrible Mistakes You Are Making With Performance Marketing


We can go on and on about Performance Marketing and you can learn as much as you want. We have covered “What should you know about Performance Marketing?” and “15 terms you should know about Performance Marketing”


Despite everything we covered about Performance Marketing, making some big mistakes in Performance Marketing is one of the biggest sins. In fact, here are 5horrible mistakes you are making with Performance marketing. 



  • Testing too many traffic sources altogether



There are many traffic sources with potential for profit. Facebook, native traffic sources, mobile traffic, etc. It is simply more difficult to enter the game due to the hyper-choice. Identify just one source of traffic.


Investigate what complements it well, what doesn’t, the types of customers you can expect, the best ways to target, etc.


Improve your bid system by focusing on and growing this expertise until you are completely aware of your boundaries. So, focus on mastering one traffic source before moving on to the next.



  • Testing difficult offers with an inadequate budget



A “difficult” offer is one with a difficult conversion process (e.g deposits or a certain amount spent by a user). The payout on these offers is typically quite high.


Even though they lack the funds to accept these offers, some publishers are deceptively drawn to them. Generally speaking, offers with large payouts necessitate much greater effort and investment.


It is necessary to set aside a sizable enough initial budget to generate a sizable initial conversion rate and collect enough data in order to properly test difficult offers and ultimately succeed with them.



  • Ignoring the optimisations for mobile users



Mobile traffic may easily surpass desktop traffic, depending on targeting. You ought not to therefore assume that mobile optimization is not required. It might ruin your campaign, especially if pre-landers or landing pages are crucial to its success.


Your landing pages must be mobile-friendly if you want the best results. Make sure all sections, buttons, and images are the proper size and location. Additionally, make sure the landing pages and pre-landers load quickly enough.


Never use a pre-lander or shared landing page because the user experience will be subpar for everyone. Redirect users to landing pages designed specifically for their device.



  • Using only one creative



Without testing additional creatives, relying solely on one to increase conversions is a bad strategy. Without optimization, commissions that could be earned otherwise are lost.


Mobile ad rotation, the practice of displaying various ads in one location, may be useful at times. While they all follow the same format, advertisements differ visually.


You can choose the best-performing creative by comparing performance based on revenue produced per creative.



  • Ignoring the advertisement’s requirements offers



Every CPA offer has a cap, which denotes that they will only compensate you for a set number of leads each day. Only 50 leads will be paid for by some offers each day, and additional conversions won’t be compensated.


Always keep an eye on capping and refrain from sending unwanted leads if you want to remain profitable.


The campaign settings for offers. Do not continuously direct desktop traffic to the offer page if the offer calls for mobile traffic. Stay with them if the advertiser requests traffic from particular geographics!


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